Saturday, 29 March 2014

Gabrielle Aplin

You may not have heard of this wonderful singer but I, as pea 2, want you to be introduced. So a little bit of background first I think. Gabrielle Aplin is 21 years old, pretty young don't you think, she has released 1 album (English Rain) and is most well known for her John Lewis advert. Please don't just judge her on the John Lewis ad though because both pea 1 and I think that that song makes her voice sound a tad boring. Now, however I have seen the error of my ways and I now love her voice because it's so clear and she sounds like a real life Disney princess. I have decided to tell you my top 5 songs just so you can get started with her music.
1. Home
2. November rain
3. Salvation
4. Panic Chord
5 Ghosts
The last song isn't actually on the English Rain album but I have linked the songs all to YouTube so hopefully you can find them easily. I will leave you with her website address so you can check her out.
I know that this was a short post but I hope you still enjoyed it !
Lots of Love
Pea 2

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